Truck Driver Exam Tests, Assessments, & Testing - Saving Our Customers Millions Every Year with Fewer Accidents and Lower Insurance Rates
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  Truck Driver Exam Tests, Assessments, & Testing - Saving Our Customers Millions Every Year with Fewer Accidents and Lower Insurance Rates Truck Driver Exam Tests, Assessments, & Testing - Saving Our Customers Millions Every Year with Fewer Accidents and Lower Insurance Rates
Who Should Use the Exam?

The truck driver exam is a useful tool for many types of companies who need to assess the skills, personality, and intelligence of drivers.  We have cost-effective solutions for companies of any size.  Our past clients include companies ranging anywhere in size from a small independently owned company testing one or two drivers a month to a large fortune 500 company testing 30-50 drivers a month or more.

Below is a list of various uses for our driver exam.

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Who Should Use The Exam?
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Trucking Companies Can...

Hire Quality New Drivers

Our exam helps trucking firms differentiate between high and low quality driver applicants. The exam may also be used to aid in selecting dispatchers, trainers and management personnel who must have basic understanding of heavy trucking and varying levels of intelligence.

Assure Uniform Hiring Across Multiple Sites

Use of an objective instrument such as a reliable and valid test can help a large trucking company with many offices maintain consistent hiring practices from one branch to the next. For example, a company might require all drivers to have Average or better scores on all sections of the exam.

Manage Personnel

Identifying where a driver stands within a company can be an important and useful tool in managing your human resources.  For example, drivers with higher intelligence can be given more responsibility and groomed for jobs such as instructor and safety supervisor where as drivers with low factual knowledge scores might need additional training in such areas as federal regulations, load-handling and hazardous materials.

Insurance Companies Can...

Assess Risk of Trucking Companies

Insurance companies can identify trucking companies that use our exam as a low-risk company to insure.  Our tests help trucking companies hire only safe and reliable drivers which reduces the number of accidents and workers comp claims.  Our exam has been endorsed by Great West Casualty Company of South Sioux City, Nebraska since 1991.


Truck Driving Schools Can...

Screen Instructors

Our exam can be used to select high-quality instructors, who should have above average scores on as many of the 10 test sections as possible.

Screen Students

Schools can screen applicants prior to admission and measure their technical knowledge learned as a result of schooling.  A truck driving school which carefully screens for only the best qualified students may have to attract more students to fill each class. However, such a school will enhance its reputation with both aspiring students and hiring trucking companies, for it will graduate better drivers. Employers will be more pleased with the graduates they hire and new students can thus be more confident of finding a job once graduating. Trucking companies who sponsor students to training programs are especially interested in knowing if a student has the traits necessary to succeed in their job once trained. For them especially it is valuable to screen students with our exam before training.

Place Graduates with Companies

Schools can use our exam to determine what level and how demanding of a job a graduate can manage at a trucking company.  For example, companies needing drivers with higher intelligence for hazardous materials hauling or long-haul flatbedding can be sent only graduates with Average or higher Intelligence Total scores. Drivers with modest scores could be recommended for less demanding jobs, such as hauling gravel over the same route each day.  If needed, we can arrange to give companies and schools access to driver scores as documentation that certain criteria has been met.

Protect Students and the Public

It is in the best interest of school applicants who are not well suited for truck driving to be informed of this fact ahead of time.  Our exam can help protect those applicants from wasting their time, spare them the financial burden of failure, and guard them and the public against potentially fatal accidents.


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